The finest date varieties from Jomara

There are over 20 varieties of dates harvested annually every summer, and each Jomara date is naturally sweet and deliciously flavourful. The finest dates are hand-picked each season and chosen for their high quality and nutritional value. Jomara’s most popular varieties are:


Another date with a legacy that precedes itself, Kholas is considered the perfect accompaniment to a steaming cup of Arabic Qahwa (coffee) and is seen as a mark of Arabian hospitality. Its golden brown skin envelopes a soft, sticky flesh that’s subtly sweet and almost toffee-like in flavour.


A Jomara bestseller, Khidri dates stand out for its size and irresistible flavour. The large, plump fruit features a dark maroon skin with a chewy flesh and a soft raisin-like aftertaste. It’s a sweet choice but also considered to be a healthy one thanks to its low sugar content.


A favourite around the world, the Medjool variety is also known as the ‘king of dates’. Jomara Medjool dates are large in size with a rich mahogany-hued skin and soft flesh that melts away to reveal a delectable caramel-like flavour.


If Medjool is considered king, Sokari is no doubt the prince among dates. With its distinctive cone shape, this variety has a top rim of crystallised sugars that narrows to wrinkled golden skin. This variety is often firm to the touch on the outside, while the flesh inside is tender and sweet.


The Segai date variety is instantly recognisable, characterised by its unique oblong silhouette and two-toned colour. Its base is almost golden with a firm crunch, while the rest of the fruit is supple. These dates are known for being subtly sweet, with a lingering brown sugar-like aftertaste.