Date Bars

Jomara’s organic date bars champion health and nutrition by using only all-natural ingredients, free from chemicals and preservatives. Individually wrapped using 100% recyclable materials, the bars are designed for travel and on-the-go convenience.

Sweetened only by dates exclusively sourced from Jomara’s groves, organic date bars are the perfect snack. The date bars are available in a range of exciting combinations, including Coconut and Cocoa, Citrus and Almond, Banana and Walnut and Raspberry and Cashew.



Item Barcode Units Per Case Cases Per Palet
Jomara Date Bar 40g – Banana & Walnut 6291107389684 24 504
Jomara Date Bar 40g – Coconut & Cocoa 6291107389653 24 504
Jomara Date Bar 40g – Citrus & Almond 6291107389677 24 504
Jomara Date Bar 40g – Raspberry & Cashew 6291107389660 24 504

Nutritional Information